Eating in Ambleside

Places to eat near Ambleside Backpackers

There are a great range of eating places in Ambleside, all within 10 minutes walk of the Ambleside Backpackers:

Some hotel restuarants;

‘Salutation Hotel’  ‘Rothay Manor Hotel’   ‘Regent Hotel’   ‘White Lion Hotel’ 

And more

Some Inn’s and pubs:

‘The Wateredge Inn’    ‘Churchill Inn’       ‘Unicorn Inn Pub’       ‘Guilded Lilly’

And more:

Some restaurants;

‘Tarantellar Restaurant’        ‘The Priest Hole’       ‘’          ‘Matthew’s Bistro’

And more

Fish and Chips!;

The Old Smithy,  Walnut Fish bar.

Vegetarian: ‘Zeffirellis.’    ‘Fellinis Ambleside.’

So lots of choice +

sandwich and packed lunch

, shops, Ambles, Greggs, Tesco, Spar, Co -op, Granny Smiths,


Take away

from many of these + Chinese, Thai, Indian, French,  Italian, Tapas.

Look on ‘Ambleside Online.’ for a huge list.