Bunkhouses and camping barns in cumbria

The hostel is obviously not a bunkhouse or camping barn in Lakeland, but we do get a lot of people staying here who use them.
There are some differences -some are less obvious so the boundries can get a bit blured in Cumbria.

Some differences revolve around facilities avaliable.

Not many camping barns or bunkhouses in the Lakes

have drying rooms, full central heating, comfy lounge, inside toilets, showers, large well equipped kitchens, dining rooms, secure bike stores and laundry facilities. Some may have some of these but most do not have all – and some can not be can not be booked 1 bed at a time or for just 1 night.

Certainly the sleeping arrangements are normally a bit more (even more basic than this?) basic. Most bunk houses and camping barns are sparsely furnished (who are we to comment -our rooms only have beds, sinks, fitted carpets and radiators!) and sleeping in rows on the floor is quite normal.

Snoring and night noises in the dorms are not much better or worse, except that the bunk beds and fitted carpets can calm reverberations a bit when compared with a concrete or timber floored barn.

So just as those seeking hotels and B&B’s in the Lake District might think they have to look down to the hostel, you who are looking at bunk houses and camping barns might think you have to look up to the ‘hostel’. Not so!
We like to think that there is great sideways mobility opportunity here. The prices are not so very far apart when you factor in all the odd bits that you might have to either take with you or buy as extras.

Here we give you all a good self serve breakfast of toast with jams, honey, sometimes even marmite and yellow plastic spread to lay it on accompanied (as they say in good hotels) by flakes of various kinds and tea , coffee too. You can even check you emails for free too if you just can not live without knowing who likes you today.
You also get all your bedding (and a mattress!), just bring a towel (if you really want to travel light you can get those too).

Now the weather here in ‘Ambleside’ is generally glorious – even when its wet its great, however when your rucksack can be wrung out to supply 1 days water for Manchester, and your sleeping stuff is in a similar state a stone cold camping barn or bunkhouse could be a little less inviting than on a nice soft night.
As with everthing these days the choice as they say is up to you, we just feel that you should know that we are here, its warm, dry, pretty quiet after 11pm, there is good eating to be had within a few minutes walk from the front door and the prices are good -at least people who stay here say they are. Over to you, Camping Barn, Bunkhouse, Hostel or Hotel?
If you are looking for a single bed, a bit of privacy for a family or a group outing with friends the Ambleside Backpackers Hostel might be ideal
The only thing we can not do here is remote!