Ambleside Backpackers Hostel

Ambleside Backpackers Hotel

Ambleside Backpackers hostel, one well reviewd lake district hostel

provides cranky, self catering budget hostel accommodation with a difference. All the beds are bunk beds -so the 2 bed room has 1 bunk bed, the 4 bed room , 2 bunk beds, the 6 bed room 3 etc.
In common with most hostels there is a large comfy lounge, pleasant dining room, however there the similarity ends -there is no service, no evening dining menu, and worse still, we expect you to clean up after yourself if you use the kitchen!

However that’s pretty well all the down side, what hotels do you know where you can use the kitchen?, that have up to 12 beds (6 bunks) in one room, where en suite is non existent, where the showers are separated male/female but thats about it!

Lake district hostel

Hotel in Ambleside

cheap hotel in Ambleside, budget hotel in Ambleside -probably not -but its a great place to stay, certainly cost effective and our reviews are pretty good, so we must be doing something right. As for you, well give it a go, what have you to lose? Your dignity or your sanity or both.