Hostels in Cumbria

There are many hostels in Cumbria

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There are many hostels in the county of Cumbria, but first a bit about the county.
In the north of the county is Carlisle City, below and a bit to the east Penrith and at the southern end is Kendal. However it is area area between Penrith and Kendal  – but to the west that is the main area of outstanding beauty.

The Lake district national park in Cumbria

Take a walk or run after breakfast.

Take a walk or run after breakfast.

Along the coast are the towns of Workington, Whitehaven, both mining towns and in their heyday important ports. Both are now mainly leisure ports, Whitehaven having a large all tide marina, with good facilities and a large well surfaced slipway.To the south is Seascale, one of Britains important nuclear research stations, but you will hardly notice it even if you drive right past on the main A595 Road.

  • A rugged coast, with an even more rugged interior.

From the coast the view of the mountains of Cumbria is spectacular and on a clear evening very beautiful. Further down the coast is the Barrow peninsular, the main industry here now is again nuclear, but shipbuilding and submarines, not power generation and research.

Carry on round to the east and you will arrive at Morcome Bay, famous for ist huge and dangerous sand’s where the tide comes in faster than a horse can gallop.

  • spectacular scenery, mountains, lakes and quaint towns and villages to explore.

Returning to the Lake District National Park at the heart of Cumbria, this is one of the most beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in the World. The lake District National Park Authority want it designated a World Heritage Site, personally I belive that would be really bad news -and it would end up being a tourist dustbin like some other WH sites -over populated, over traffiked and worn out.

  • Cumbria Hostels -independant and YHA -you are spoilt for choice.
Things to do? Climb, walk, sit, look, be amazed, get stiff, walk some more, return to Ambleside Backpackers for a good night sleep. Small picture

Things to do? Climb, walk, sit, look, be amazed, get stiff, walk some more, return to Ambleside Backpackers for a good night sleep. Small picture

However at the moment it is truly a splendid place to visit for a holiday. Ambleside backpackers hostel is convieniently located in Ambleside town -almost dead centre of the Park. Also in ambleside is the flagship YHA hostel on the lake shore of Windermere.

Going south to Winderemere town is the English lakes backpackers hostel and the Windermere YHA, which is actually at Troutbeck. Furhter south still is Kendal independant hostel. To the East  (quite a bit east) are New Ings Lodge and Kirby Stephen hostels. Moving North from Ambleside and a bit west are High Close YHA, Elterwater hostel (now independant) Butterlip How, Thorny How and Grasmere independant Hostels. Butterlip How is another YHA, and Thorney How is now and independant hostel.

Over The Kirkstone pass from ambleside is Patterdale YHA and Helvellyn YHA amd go a bit further along Ulswater to Penrith and you get the Wayfarers Hostel in Penrith.

Take the road NW over Dunmail Raise and you find two independant hostels and one YHA in Keswick.

YHA has a lot of small hostels scattered here and there on the west side of the Lake district, some very basic, others a bit plush.

So, no shortage of hostels in Cumbria, just a question of which one?


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